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Gourmandise: “is an impassioned, considered and habitual preference for what pleases the taste.” – JA Brillat-Savarin

I admit wholeheartedly – I am a self-confessed ‘gourmand’.
From my first chocolate cake at the age of 7, to where I am today, I coin Michel Roux, “Life is a Menu. From starters through to desserts and onto the fabulous wine menu, one’s chef career begins and carries on in an ever changing seasonal and emotional read. Best enjoyed with good food and wine”.

After 25 years in this fabulous industry my book shelves are still growing (starting to grumble too!), my culinary repertoire is ever increasing and my collection of scribbled recipe books, my most humbly treasured possession. Without them my passion would fade and my meal would come to an end.

To be the best chef you can possibly be, a chef must commit to one philosophy: learn at least one new thing every day, be grateful for the days where you learn more, and respectful to those who mentor you.
As SA CTIA, we commit to giving each student the best education of culinary skills possible, along with imparting our thirst and passion for furthering you to the best of your ability, through the acknowledgement of personal strengths and weaknesses; with positive criticism and encouragement to try again.
Rome was not built in a day; neither was the skill to turn carrots!

Welcome to my world!
Louise Oldham – PM SACA 19531


Unlock your culinary creativity with SA CTIA

Being in close contact with what industry requires and what demands are being placed on new arrivals in this industry, SA CTIA came to realise the importance and need for teaching young aspirant chefs the fundamentals of becoming a chef in this ever expanding global hospitality environment.

This diverse culinary path is filled with various options for you to consider. There are career opportunities such as food styling, food critic, food writer, food editing, catering companies, hotels, restaurants, bed & breakfasts, cruise liners, lecturing, consulting, retail and entrepreneurship. The possibilities are endless. You, as an individual need to have the four most important factors in order to grow in this industry namely: positive attitude, fundamental knowledge, limitless amounts of passion and commitment.

Our combined courses, with the option to add the ProChef 2020 programme and/or the Entrepreneurs programme, include a variety of modules aimed at individuals aspiring to enter the world of culinary entrepreneurs! We address various topics – from charcuterie and cured meat, to cheese-making and craft beers, the development of your own production line and modern preserving for retail.

We look at the heritage and diversity of cultural food preparation and the serving thereof, while experimenting with molecular gastronomy and coordinating a chef’s table, wedding cake project and a celebration party, to name only a few! All of these will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to create a steady platform for your own personal growth!


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