Applied Pastry (6 Months)

FULL TIME:  6 months (including industry placement)

Practice makes perfect. This age-old maxim is never truer than in the kitchen, but to many promising young pastry chefs and entrepreneurs who’d love to turn their passion into a successful venture, it presents a painful Catch 22.

Everyone knows that mastering the intricacies of pastry requires hours and hours of practice. Being considered for a position in a pastry kitchen likewise requires extensive experience; as does being a successful entrepreneur. But most culinary courses only allow students to gloss over the basics. So where, and how, is one meant to gain those elusive hours of practice?

Look no further: the CTIA Applied Pastry program will give you hours of hands-on training and invaluable skills to run a business, open your own deli or give you foothold in the competitive world of patisserie.

Over the course of six months, you will master the complex and crucial skills that set successful entrepreneurs apart from those who were unable to turn their culinary dreams into a reality.

Students learn the fine science of recipe development and adaptation, and are taught how to manage a kitchen operation profitably and establish an effective production line without ever compromising on quality and established best practices.

This intensive program allows students to nurture and develop a strong set of technical, managerial, and personal skills. At the same time, the legal nitty-gritty is taken care of in a thorough segment covering the Consumer Protection Act.

For some students, realising their sweetest dreams means being able to turn their love for food into a successful undertaking. For others, it is being appointed as a pastry chef. If either of these resonates with you, it’s time to sign up for our Applied Pastry program.


  • Chefs Training & Innovation Academy Certificate of Achievement: Applied Patisserie


Practical and theoretical subjects

  • Heirloom breads and Artisan breads
  • Pastries
  • Chocolate work: making moulded chocolates; Bon Bons; Truffles; modelling chocolate and a variety of chocolate garnish and décor; chocolate cake boarders
  • Technical cakes and cupcakes
  • Sugar work and candies: utilizing caramel and isomalt; sugar cakes, spirals and décor; pulled sugar garnishes; boiled sugar sweets, fudge and caramels; nougat and marshmellows
  • Modern dessert and techniques


  • CTIA practical exam
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