Diploma in Patisserie (12 Months)

FULL TIME:  12 months (including industry placement)

PART TIME:  12 months

This course will give you a thorough introduction to the exciting world of patisserie.
You’ll learn about different pastry products, and will acquire the skills, confidence and know-how to prepare various types of dough, sponge and pastry products, and produce delectable cakes, meringues, biscuits and desserts. This course also covers sugar art and decorative media.
Hands-on experience: Students spend a week in an artisanal bakery as part of their industry experience. The patisserie chef table takes the form of a high-adrenaline cake bake-off. For your exam, you’ll be expected to wow us with an exquisitely put-together high tea. The final project is a three-tier wedding cake.
Once you have completed this course, you will be qualified to enter the industry as an entry-level Patisserie Chef (apprentice Patisserie Chef).
This course is perfect for students who want to pursue a passion for patisserie; or for those who want to a taste of what the pastry industry has to offer. If you want to continue your studies, you may progress to the International Advanced Management Diploma in Culinary Arts and Patisserie. Alternatively, you can enrol in our Applied Patisserie course and complete the Advanced Diploma in Patisserie.


  • City & Guilds Food Safety in Catering
  • City & Guilds Diploma in Patisserie
  • Chefs Training & Innovation Academy Certificate of Achievement – Diploma in Patisserie


Practical and theoretical subjects

  • Introduction to the Hospitality and catering industry
  • Introduction to Kitchen Equipment
  • Health and safety awareness
  • Food safety in catering
  • Knife skills
  • Cooking methods: boiling; poaching and steaming; deep and shallow frying; braising and stewing; baking roasting and grilling
  • Healthier food and Special Diets
  • Cold presentation
  • Regeneration and pre-prepared foods
  • Preserving techniques
  • Introduction to personal and workplace skills
  • Basic food costing
  • South African cuisine studies
  • Kitchen terminology
  • Basic first aid
  • Basic fire training


  • CTIA midterm exam, final theory exam, practical exam


Practical and theoretical subjects

  • Hospitality industry and your role as a chef
  • Health, safety and food hygiene
  • Baking methods: Pastes, tarts and pies; bread and dough products; hot desserts and puddings; cold desserts; cakes, biscuits and sponges
  • Piping technique
  • Chocolate work
  • Sugar work
  • Plating and presentation
  • 3-Tier themed cake, fondant figurines, marzipan fruit
  • Kitchen terminology


  • CTIA midterm exam, final theory exam, practical exam
  • City & Guilds theory exam (City & Guilds Code 8065-03), City & Guilds Food Safety exam
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