How to Enrol?


Once the all-important and exciting decision has been made to enrol at CTIA, the following applies:

Step 1: Application

A completed application form, together with a copy of your South African bar-coded ID or passport, must be submitted to the Academy together with the non-refundable application fee of R1 000 (or proof thereof).  Alternatively, you can visit our website on and submit an online application and email proof of payment to the relevant Campus.

Please note that this is only an application to study at CTIA and that acceptance depends on availability.

Career guidance is available at the campus should a student need some assistance with his or her choice of career path. Please speak to one of our team members, who will book an appointment for you with the head of academics or principal of the campus.

Prospective students are welcome to spend a day on campus and join in on a practical class. The career consultant will arrange for a suitable date. Skype interviews can also be conducted.

Step 2: Registration (enrolment)

Once you have been accepted to study at CTIA, the following documentation must be submitted to complete your registration:

  • A completed contract of enrolment
  • A completed debit order form (if monthly instalments have been selected)
  • Grade 12 Certificate (this can be submitted once it has been released by Umalusi)
  • Medical certificate in cases where CTIA needs to be aware of an underlying medical condition (e.g. ADHD/ADD, epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, etc.).
  • The non-refundable enrolment fee (terms and conditions apply) of the selected programme is payable within 30 days. Proof of payment must be submitted along with your completed documentation.

Please note that seat placement cannot be guaranteed until a student has paid the enrolment fee and handed in all documentation as requested.

At CTIA, we never compromise on quality. Prospective students are urged to complete the enrolment process as soon as they have been accepted. If the number of applications exceeds the allocated seats available, students will be given the option of being accommodated with the following intake.


Foreign applicants wishing to enrol at CTIA need to apply for a student visa through their respective Embassy’s. Prospective students are to complete the Application process in order to receive the necessary documentation to be submitted to the embassy or Home Affairs. Please note that due to a recent change in law, foreign students no longer have the option of paying tuition fees by means of the terms option. Foreign students have the cash or semester option in paying for their tuition.


Students who consider applying for a student loan through a financial institution will also need to complete the Application process to receive the documentation that the institution requires.

When applying to a financial institution, please keep in mind that the process can be lengthy. The application process must be done well in advance to get approval status prior to the intake date.  Please speak to any of the career consultants so that they can guide and assist you with the process.


Students who have completed certain components of studies at other accredited institutions may apply to transfer their credits to CTIA, and apply these towards their chosen programme.

They will be required to submit a letter of reference and statement of results from the training institution, which will be evaluated by the head of academics. An interview with the head of academics or principal of the campus will be required to ensure that the right programme has been selected for RPL (recognition of prior learning). The usual admission requirements are applicable.

Student admissions are at the discretion of CTIA.