Part Time Culinary Training at CTIA

Part time Culinary Training is now possible with Chefs Training and Innovation Academy.

CTIA creates innovative, industry-ready professionals to sustain the future of the hospitality industry by providing modern culinary training in a green conscience environment.

CTIA offers top-quality study programmes that enable you to obtain an international qualification from a reputable international organisation, the City & Guilds of London.

In a very short time, CTIA has distinguished itself as an academy of excellence, where students are turned into industry-ready chefs in a green environment that values conscious cooking, fair trade and minimum wastage.

CTIA offers some of our full-time programmes on a part-time basis as well. Due to the fact that part-time students have limited hours available, the part-time programmes will mainly consist of one practical class per week for the time period of the course, with all knowledge requirements being assessed at the Academy.

But, “the proof is in the pudding” so who better to explain the journey of a part time student, than one of our students themselves.

“2010 I had the ambition to build a longstanding dream of mine. The journey to put to test my entrepreneurial skills were highly challenged by my goals. After completion of my degree with the University of Pretoria in Business Management and Marketing with a background in Financial Management, as is with many other graduates, difficult to obtain a job. A whole new life was awaiting me to start from the bottom again after completing tertiary education. Independency was drawing in as I had this beautiful lady, Palesa by my side for the past five years at the time and today basking in a beautiful relationship for 10 years and building a family together. Having had in my life the most important thing was being able to communicate my dream to her. Which I believe is one of the first and most important antidote for success in life. I found a place with her where I was able to open my wings and fly.

A few months after completion of school and getting engaged and outlining the dreams I had, I was favoured and I received a job offer. My first job was not pleasant and challenging enough for me. I did not despair and carried on to gain the experience whilst working on my dream. A very good tool as well for success., never sleeping on your dreams. I then went back to TUKS to study Entrepreneurship for a year in the quest to sharpen skills of opening, managing and practising a business of my own. In between all this uncertainty which is a very cold place to be, I decided to begin building what I call my empire. It all started as dream where I would draw charts of my goals and put years and timelines to it. Although delayed I managed at that young age, my dreams were not denied. I kept going and I must say not having a complete support system of parents was something that knocked me hard however it gave me strength and motivation to be independent and work hard for what I want in life.

Fast forward, a few months later I got married, halfway through my dreams, saved for this love born in 2010 for hospitality and catering and a few interviews with people in the same industry and finding out how they got their success, I began searching for institutions offering courses to upskill myself. I found a couple and my goodness, the cost threw me out the window for a good six months. I weighed my options between starting a business versus enrolling. It was a dark place. As a person not shy of responsibility, I had to think of how I will provide for my family, run a business which carried a significant amount of risk – financially and also be able to pay for my culinary course. I put my family first and the support I received was great! I weighed up and finally decided I will save up whilst running the business at the same time. There was a time I had 3 jobs just so I can meet my goals. It was bad! I began to think how I will leave the whole career behind and focus on my passion and start from the bottom to fulfil this passion of mine that I did not prioritise for a long time. Letting go of people and ways that were invaluable to where I wanted to be was one of the most difficult tasks to achieve but it opened up a whole new perspective for me. I was able to articulate my dreams with more sense, make decisions that carried much more value for where I was heading to and also spending my time with much more value.

Your environment has a great impact on oneself. The moment you discover that and begin to draw positive energy towards yourself in the sense of focusing on what you really want for your life, I believe it is the beginning of success for your life. That was one of the decisions that lead me to picking up that research I did on institutions to upskill myself in the hospitality and catering sector. I failed on one goal of mine to run my own establishment in the industry – a restaurant venture. I had no knowledge and experience in the industry and all I ever wanted was to run my own business in this industry. The institution that would facilitate this daunting journey was Chefs Training and Innovation Academy. I did what I had to do as it attracted me very well and had an offering aligned with what I wanted to do and I negotiated to begin training with them. Very friendly and a well-equipped institution compared to many that I went through. I had my focus set on what I came to do at this institution and God had me all the way. He still moves with me every step of the way. I may not be where I want to be right now but having changed 180 degrees for what I had been doing for the past eight years was not an easy task. However if you believe in yourself and keep your focus, you become favoured and God lands you where your focus is. It may take time but one just has to take those baby steps in a new path.

I am grateful for the journey I am pursuing with CTIA and I am hopeful one day I will able to look back and say MAN I’ve come a long a long way. In this life journey, one has to walk with integrity,` one must never neglect their dreams.” – Twain Mafoko –

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