We recently redeveloped and recalibrated the entire range of CTIA training programmes. To do this, we consulted widely with the industry, drawing on feedback from executive chefs and other key stakeholders from across the hospitality and catering spectrum.

The information that we received from our industry partner survey has assisted us in formulating our strategy. It is extremely important for CTIA to equip our students with skills that are closely aligned with industry requirements.


A training semester lasts six months, of which approximately 70% is spent on campus and 30% is spent at one of CTIA’s approved industry partners.

During their industry placement, students experience hands-on and on-the-job-coaching, under direct mentorship conditions, in a realistic work environment. This offers trainees an ideal opportunity to implement and hone the practical skills that they’ve been taught during the training semester.

Students gain a great deal of confidence in the kitchen during their practical placement, which gives them a distinct advantage over entry-level trainee chefs who enter the industry with little or no experience.


Some of our full-time programmes are also offered on a part-time basis. Given that part-time students have limited availability, part-time programmes mainly consist of one practical class per week for the duration of the course.

Workshops, exams and outings are occasionally scheduled and can only be attended or completed during CTIA’s office hours, from 08h00 to 17h00.


Our vision
We create innovative, industry-ready professionals to sustain the future of the hospitality industry by providing modern culinary training in a green-conscious environment.

Our mission
We offer:

  • Internationally accredited City & Guilds certificates and diplomas
  • Quality training in a current and nurturing environment
  • Innovation – a culinary culture of innovative cooking to prepare future entrepreneurs
  • Industry-ready professionals – we prepare students for employability by offering quality programmes combined with work-readiness modules
  • Updated curricula aligned to the current and future needs of the industry
  • A focus on sustainability and an ethos of minimal wastage
  • Cooking with a conscience – teaching students to express their individuality while being mindful of their impact on the environment
  • Industry partnerships – we have built relationships with leading industry players to offer students invaluable experience within a diverse range of environments

Our values
Our core values are professionalism, quality, individuality and student-centred training. CTIA continually updates and improves the curriculum with new programmes of study. These include life-long learning opportunities for professionals, new and expanded facilities, and a complete commitment to excellence in education.

Our strategic objectives:
To uphold our credibility within the national hospitality environment by adhering to all legislative requirements

  • To be the preferred choice for culinary training in South Africa by offering quality education at affordable prices
  • To establish and uphold a benchmark in the industry
  • To be transparent in everything we do
  • To be the best provider of theoretical and skill techniques in the field of culinary arts by successfully placing our students in the industry with each intake


CTIA offers top-quality programmes that enable you to obtain an international qualification from a reputable international organisation; the City & Guilds of London. Please refer to this prospectus’ section on accreditation, association and recognition for more information on our industry standing.

In a very short time, CTIA has distinguished itself as an academy of excellence, where students are turned into industry-ready chefs in a green environment that values conscious cooking, fair trade and minimal wastage.

  1. We believe in practical skill and academic proficiency.
    At CTIA, we believe in the importance of preparing our students for the job market. We recognise the need to develop training material that prepares our students for what is currently expected and required by the hospitality and culinary industry. As a result, our new roll-out of courses casts strong focus on industry-specific training. CTIA also developed and finalised fresh, pioneering course material that places our students at the forefront of modern South African and international culinary training.
  1. We believe in sustainability, fair trade and going green.
    Our lecturers are qualified trainers with vast industry experience from both local and international institutions. Our programmes are relevant and students are trained in an environment that focuses on the sustainability of our community and resources. At CTIA, we stress the importance of fair trade, conscious cooking and modern cooking techniques. Being innovative will help you to cook around everyday problems, such as load-shedding!
  1. We believe in delivering industry-ready professionals.
    CTIA has various partners in the industry that assist with placing students in positions where they gain practical experience and receive excellent mentorship. Students are constantly evaluated based on their skills, knowledge, attitude and values; all of which are important components of being a chef.

    The practical industry experience that students obtain while studying at CTIA contributes to the overall quality and skill of the student, and provides them with a solid foundation when applying for positions in the hospitality environment.

    By implementing the so-called SKAV model (skills, knowledge, attitude, and values), CTIA helps students launch their careers in many ways. For example, we incorporate modules that teach students how to write résumés, be interviewed effectively and develop communication skills.

  1. We believe in value for money.
    We respect our students and their budgets. Our fees are highly competitive and we believe in giving you the best value for your money.
  1. CTIA believes strongly in developing the potential of every student.
    Our staff spend considerable time advising and helping students as they adjust to the training environment and progress as aspirant chefs.
  1. We believe in mentorship and entrepreneurs.
    CTIA fosters close ties with industry partners by means of service-level agreements to ensure excellent mentorship opportunities in real-world scenarios. CTIA is in full support of career mentorship and the academic staff will continue to share their experience and expertise with our students while they look for placements in the industry, as well as after they have graduated. This means that students have both the kitchen know-how and the psychological tools they need to make entering the job market a breeze.

    Our programmes are in-depth and equip the student with refined skills – as well as a broader knowledge framework. Our trainees gain the necessary hard and soft expertise, while on-the-job coaching further offers the opportunity to implement and practice these skills. This gives our students confidence in the kitchen; an invaluable foundation upon which to build the practical experience students need to complete their qualification and launch a lifelong career path.

    Industry placements give trainees practical experience, and in many instances lead to permanent employment. We also match students to job opportunities and connect them with reputable recruitment agencies that offer opportunities locally, internationally, and even on cruise liners.

    If you work hard and show commitment and dedication, your success and longevity in the industry will be guaranteed.

  1. We believe that time is precious.
    CTIA offers a part-time option for students who have limited availability, as well as various short courses and master-class workshops for the home cook and culinary enthusiast. These courses are aimed at both beginner and untrained cooks who are looking for a structured knowledge framework. The short courses teach you everything you need to know, without the complexities and demands of full-time studying.
  1. We offer you the chance to obtain a degree in the Culinary Arts.
    A first-of-its-kind partnership between CTIA and the BHMS opens up a world of new prospects for students, as it allows those who have completed the International Advanced Management Diploma (24 months) with CTIA to further their studies and obtain a Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts from the BHMS.